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There are two types of holiday decorators - those who eagerly put out lots of decorations and coordinating lights for every obscure holiday, and those who half-heartedly pull out the tree once a year.

There IS a happy medium, though, and a little effort to freshen up your place goes a long way. A bouquet or two of spring flowers can help you beat the not-quite-spring-yet blues, and adding a bright floral wreath or arrangement to your front door will cheer you up every time you walk in. 


Silk florals are perfect for this - they stay bright and colorful, and you can use them year after year. Stored in a large plastic bag or tote, they will last a long time, looking as good as the day you got them.



In addition to being long-lasting, silk florals are infinitely customizable. You can go for the drama, or a more natural look, incorporating birds nests, twigs, moss - the options are endless. You can also update as you go along - adding and removing elements to give a fresh look year to year.


It's an easy way to give your house a quick seasonal glow-up that will make a big difference in curb appeal. You may have to wait on Mother Nature to kickstart the blooms in the yard, but there's no reason not to get a new season started with a little door decor. You'll be glad you did.